How, Why and When Do People Change?
(My counseling/therapy philosophy)
How?  By discovering hidden resources, feelings, dreams and talents. By learning new skills. The fact is, we are changing all the time. I believe therapy or counseling can accelerate the change process.
Why?  Because the old solutions aren't working anymore. Because we are older, more mature, and want to move on. Because it occurs to us that new clothes, or an expensive vacation, or a drink, or a different lover doesn't really change anything. Because we have that nagging fear that our children may not fulfill their potential, or that we are repeating an old, unwanted pattern in our relationships. Because we want more out of life. Because we want to feel better than we do now.
When?  When we feel truly respected, listened to and understood. When we feel like what we are doing, feeling, and talking about will not be condemned. And sometimes, when we feel there is no hope yet also believe in our hearts that there must be hope, somewhere. When we have that gut sense that now is the time to do something, and that we don't have to do it alone.
Respect. Reliability. Consistency.  These are the cornerstones of my approach to treatment. I was originally trained in what is known as the " client/person-centered " and psychodynamic approaches to counseling and psychotherapy. I also rely on  interpersonal  and occasionally experiential approaches to therapy. I approach each client or patient as a unique individual; my first objective is to see your world as you do.
As a result, I do not use "formulas" or "treatment manuals." I do not believe in a "one treatment fits all" approach that makes you feel like you are on an assembly line; I seek to discover what will work especially with you.
I do not push medications. I do not push cognitive-behavioral therapy on every client just because a managed care company believes this to be the only "cost-effective" approach. I don't report to case managers who enter details about your private life into a company computer. I provide truly private services.
I am deeply and sincerely moved by the therapeutic encounter. I have been around long enough to know that everyone engages in the change process in their own, unique way. I am used to dealing with difficult, "dark," and even shameful experiences and behaviors. To me, counseling and psychotherapy are an incredible journey, often yielding wonderful, unexpected results...sometimes right away, sometimes later.
I have been in independent practice since 1983. For over 30 years my practice has been selective and small by some standards, but this has been my conscious choice. I am here for you.
"Less judgment, more curiosity."
- American Academy of Psychotherapists slogan